I can’t believe it!

Everything that I was “told” so many years ago is coming online.

My life  is now fully based in Love and the Truth of me.

It’s been a long hard fucking slog I can tell you!

I run an Airbnb now. Amazing people bringing the best versions of themselves show up. Out of nearly 50 lots of “drop-ins” I’ve only had 2 couples who were unextraordinary.

I draw them to me…these people.

Early in the year a French woman sent me a message asking why why why did I not allow children to come to stay. I said I didn’t even know I’d clicked on the denying children section. I said of course you can come.

They turned out to be my family, the connection wss so strong.

I love them so much. After 8 months we keep in contact.

Elodie could have moved on to another Airbnb when she was choosing a place in the area here. But she was clear…this was the place to be for her.

We found that we had read the same book. Which is extraordinary because few people know this author and title…unless you are in the same energetic grouping.


Here are some photos of an trip for dawn at  Cape Reinga that I took with a Dutch guest.  It was soooo great!

Ganesh Shines On

It took me two days  to come down from the energy Jane and I worked with in the last post.

I was bouncing off the walls for a whole day. My friend Wendy saw my fb cloud pics after I  had spoken to her on the phone  said “oh, I  see now  way you had so much energy when I  talked  to you yesterday”

Last evening I became quieter and mowed the lawn and worked in the garden for a bit.20180225_195203-ANIMATION.gif

Ganesh shone in the evening light.


Once in a blue moon I get a do energy work with an amazing woman I  met over 10 years ago at a light language retreat on the lovely Coromandel Peninsula.

Yesterday was one of those moon days.

We started with an amazing wine on Karikari Beach -a full bodied and chocolatey pinotage (only half a bottle) that matched the scenery.   Most people match food with wine. Me – not so much. It’s  about the view.

Energetically Jane and I work in completely different areas and galaxies. I have no idea what she’s going on about when she refers to what she’s doing and she doesn’t get my stuff either.

We work completely in synch when we get together though. I love that.

Wonderful and powerful stuff happens every time .

This time we found the clouds danced with us. They were perfectly normal when we arrived…acting like everyday clouds. After  we started working  they became more creative with drew themselves into the energetic conversation we were laying down.

Photos  coming within the  hour.